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Welcome to Pro Ap Professional Turf Products

Pro Ap Products Company is a joint venture between Frick Services, Inc. of Wawaka, Indiana and Tim Kehoe Group, Inc. of Oswego, IL.  Pro Ap Products began in September of 2003.  The business plan for the first several years was to market directly to the larger lawn care and landscape operators in the Chicagoland area.  In the beginning months (fall of 2003) products were limited to packaged urea.  Over the winter of 2003-04 the brand name Pro Ap was developed and in February 2004 Pro Ap produced the first bag of Pro Ap branded fertilizers.  During 2004 Pro Ap remained focused on blended fertilizer and packaged urea.  In the spring of 2005 Cavalcade crabgrass pre-emergence was introduced as a combination with fertilizer.

Pro Ap Products consist of several proprietery product lines that include; One AP Once a Year Fertilizers, N-Fate Branded Nitrogen and X10 Nitrogen Extender. 

In 2006 Pro Ap Products continued to expand the blended and bagged fertilizer line to the professional industry.  Pro Ap Fertilizers are produced in Portage Indiana at the Port of Indiana.  Production is supported by the largest dry fertilizer bulk storage facility in central US. 

Frick Services, Inc is a third generation family owned company that focuses in agriculture and related businesses including fertilizer, grain, livestock and agriculture retailing centers.

Tim Kehoe Group, exclusive marketer of Pro Ap Products, is a unique supplier that specializes in supplying the Lawn Care, Landscape, Sports Field and Golf Course Industry.   In an industry where the supply line is layered, sometimes over layered, TK Group will supply these materials from the most direct source, through local supply chain distributors.  TK Group will focus on value added options to help your company be more productive and earn higher profits.  TK Group works on the principle of maintaining or making your operation profitable. Tim Kehoe Group, Inc. (aka TK Group) is the marketing, sales, distribution logistics and product development arm for Pro Ap Products.  Tim Kehoe, Company President has more than 40 years of experience in the Lawn Care and Fertilizer Industry.

 Pro Ap Branded fertilizer products from Frick Services, Inc. are developed specifically for the professional application businesses.  Products are blended with specifications to maximize the applicator’s productivity.  The manufacturing of a clean free flowing product takes presidents when planning a new blend.  Filler free products are available to minimize stone filler dust that can cause application inefficiencies.
Pro Ap Branded Products can be purchased through several localized distributors that services eight midwestern states.
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